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Knowlphin is a social learning platform that is seamless, personalized, and most importantly, fun.

Education is becoming critical to India's growth story. Online education, especially, can bring good education to millions. We already have seen a lot of video lectures, MOOCs, test sites etc. But why stop there?

At knowlphin we use technology to create amazing learning experiences that go beyond replicating the offline world. We believe education must evolve from linear to organic, from scores based to learning based, not just to cover the syllabus but to uncover the knowledge.

At knowlphin, we strive to make that possible. We are developing new learning styles, use student’s data to improve teaching, bring right people together to collaborate. So join up to explore concepts by solving questions, viewing mistakes and by analyzing solutions and tips. Our up-study and cross-study algorithms give questions that help you get better. We have about 15000+ questions for 12th standard ready to be explored. We will be adding more exams(CAT, banking etc.) and videos, notes, images, news etc. to this flow soon.

Also, we are actively looking for collaborators who can bring expertise in content creation such as teachers, publishers, graphic designers. We also would like to discuss any ideas you have about data science, marketing strategy, technical development, fundraising etc.

See this video to know where we want to take these efforts. Join our facebook and twitter pages where we regularly share updates.

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Rigved Shenai


Rigved is in charge of Strategy, product, content etc. A serial MCQ exam cracker and an alumnus of COEP-Pune and NITIE-Mumbai; he has experience in digital marketing and operations. Apart from experience design and data analysis, his hobbies include cinema,chess and alternate universes.

Manish Khorgade


Manish - an MIT, Pune alumnus - is in charge of the website and its features. He has worked with Symantec for more than 7 years in R & D for anti-virus and big data analytics. He now intends to build a portal with best user experience at the front and best data crunching behind the scenes. His passion for technology is only matched by his love for cricket.